The Game Matka Or Satta Is The Illegal Form Of Gambling Belonging Mostly Across and India And Common in Asian Continent.
Indain Satta Matka
Satta Or Matka Is The Illegal Lottery Game Which People Used To Play For Earn or Win Huge Money Like In India As Well As money countries Across The World. the Word "Matka" is derived from earthen pot which Ratan Khatri (Matka King) used to open the Matka Number. He Put all the Card From Playing cards Except (j) ,(Q) & (K) and pick Three Card From them in front of punters. These cards are arranged in ascending order to become card of the Matka Number. The People Can Win Minimum Of Rupees 9.5 to maximum Of 1000 by investing only one rupee this is the story behind why the people across the world are crazy about playing matka.
Indain Matka

History Of Matka Game

The History Of The Matka game is running around the birth city of this in legal form of betting the Mumbai City Where These Game Started for the very first time by Matka King Kalyan ji bhagat Who opens Kalyan Market All the days In a week the Result Of The Matka depends On the opening and the closing Rate Of London cotton exchange that time. But after that as the Ratan's Style of Opening number becomes More famous Kalyan ji bhagat also started to open the market in Ratan's Style. and after That the matka game Is Ruling All the Forms Of Gambling and it's monthly turnover becomes massive as the matka networks becomes famous outside the Mumbai City even outside India As well. This is the time when matka Faces many crimes to took ownership of the market as we all Know Matka King Kalyan ji bhagat And. Suresh bhagat both Father And Son were Murdered In the conspiracy by There Families. And The Goverment of India Tool the Decision to Ban matka Since than the Matka Is Banned In Our Country but The Matka Running In legal all over always. In Mumbai And Outside Mumbai . it is supposed to be Gujrat become New Base City For Matka Bussiness as it is very difficult for the Bookies to survive and run matka in Mumbai as the pressure build up very high By The Mumbai Police and Underworld as Well.

How To Play Matka Game ?

To Play Matka We Have To Bet and Predict what Matka Number Must be come In The Market We Are Interested To Play We Can Bet On Single Ankda, Jodi , Patta As Well As Motor Pana And Dp pana This All Items Are Used To Bet For The Your Choice Number. as many people across the world used to check Matka Chart To Predict The Matka Number and Many Thinks That It Is The Matter Of Luck only.

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